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JiF, photographer, born in 1972 Lyon, France.

Since young, this self taught photographer has always been very passionate about literature,
music and politics. Therefore, as soon as he discovered photography it became the catalyst
for his passions.

Primarily a photographer of urban cultures, he started out by taking his camera to exhilarating
music events which he frequents assiduously. In the mid-90s, he travelled to shoot dynamic
architectural cities such as London, San Francisco and Budapest.

In the late-90s, he moved and settled in Toulouse, South-West of France. He then
established and exposed himself to the cultural scene by exhibiting his pictures through
advertising campaigns (Blue River System, SNCF...) and posters of music festivals.

Not only does he collaborate with various artistic and architectural publications, the
national press features his clichés regularly on articles of current and upcoming music artists.

Since 2005, his portfolio in the cultural magazine ‘Let’smotiv’ left an exceptional
impression on the minds of photo and music amateurs. It reveals his musical peregrinations;
from concerts to festivals using a particular ambience, colour and texture that distinguishes
his style from any other.

JiF has created, of what he likes to call ‘Propaganda clichés’ which are press pictures,
album covers and show posters, for many bands and musicians. He has produced for Dirtbombs,
High Tone, Birdy Nam Nam, Les Ogres de Barbacks... just to name a few.

In 2006, Le Mouv’, the rock station of Radio France entrusted him with their communication
campaign entitled “Free your Rock Spirit”. During this opportune, his pictures covered the
walls of Paris and swamped the French press. For three years, JiF actualised a variety of
publications for Radio France from press photos of radio personalities to the coverage of festivals
like Rock en Seine and Transmusicales de Rennes.

In 2007, JiF's expanding interest for videography took him to produce, with picture by picture
technique, the music video of "oublie ca", by french feminine rock voice, Molly. In the fall of
2009, he filmed a music video of the Bubblies' single, "I don't give a shit" in New York and
continued on to another track, "Moi" the following summer in Morocco. Here, he created
a comical short movie combining picture by picture technique with full HD video technology
and left ample creative space for humor and self mockery. In spring of 2009, he produced Mr
MagnetiX's music video in Garorock festival.

More than just a photographer, JiF is a true underground scene activist. Jack of all 'visual'

trades, he VJ's frequently in music projects by Undirecteur and Monsieur le Directeur, Daryl
corn Flexx and Mr MagnetiX or Zol and Elisa Do Brasil.

Since 2011 He's part of the infernal Electro-clash Trio "Le catcheur, la pute & le dealer" as the dealer :

Having invested much time in the electro-rock scene, he is no doubt responsible for the
propagandas of popular and outrageous events, Travestis Monsters and Cabaret Freaks.

Le Bikini, the legendary rock hall since the 90s, honoured him as their resident photographer.
He shoots rock, folk, pop, electro and hip hop artists, both local and internationally acclaimed,
throughout the year.

His portfolio consists of a diversity of artists such as Juliette Lewis, M, Bilal, Pixies, Ghinzu,
Cocoon, Goran Bregovic, Pete Doherty, The Do, Radiohead, Puppetmastaz, Izia, Oxmo Puccino,
Klaxons, CSS...

Since 2004, parallel to his music projects, he developed a visual artistic research on body
representations in which earned him quite a recognition in the contemporary art scene.

In 2005, he showcased his premier exhibition entitled "Nobody" based on three individual
pictures of life-sized human bodies, XX, XY and XYX, of which represents the man, the woman
and the transgender. Each intense image is an assembly of different body part images from
various models. These pictures addresses the public on issues of racism, sexism, homophobia
and all forms of appearance intolerances.

Body modifications, women's position in the society and religion are ongoing matters that
reflect in his pictures. Several of his series are still currently in progress. Newton Nude Theory
presents nude bodies in levitation. Souvenir From Tomorrow relates to the SyFy cyberpunk
universe and Nobody Part reveals portraits of anonymous sexes.

In early 2010, his photographs were among those published in the international benchmark
of photography books, Obscene Seduction, New Nude Photography and Death Book of Negoist
New Art, german-polish edition.

Hard working and hungry for creativity, an artist who defines his tools as "drugs and mixed
media" is not ready to stop nourishing his world with striking and unusual pictures and take
appreciative art lovers by surprise.

His first monograph is avaible in the good Bookstore and on :



Magazine : Let'smotiv/ Telerama/ Rock'n'Folk/ La Vie/ Cité Musique/ Phosphore/ Ride On/ Le Monde/ Femme Actuelle/ ISA/ Union/ Le Nouvel Observateur/ Tel Quel/ Recording/ JDD/ Echo des Savannes/ VSD/ ...
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